Bitbucket CI pipeline on Nodejs project with Mocha test never completes npm test phase.

I was exploring Bitbucket’s continuous integration pipeline feature, following this Atlassian tutorial, but there were a few problems. The most significant problem was that the pipelines would never complete: they would hang on npm test.

Never Ending Test

Some of the problems with the tutorial were formatting or other little mistakes made by the author (excusable, but a bit surprising… nobody edited it?) Other issues were just differences of user interface of today’s Bitbucket vs what the guide author had available at time of publishing.

However, the cause of the hanging pipeline is that Mocha changed its default behavior from auto-exit to keep-running. Thus, npm test would never exit on its own. So when pipeline would run it, pipeline would hang on that step.

If you’re like me, and new to the Bitbucket pipelines, you might inadvertently eat up all of your CI minutes… you have to manually stop them if they won’t end naturally!

Wasted Minutes


The solution is to modify the project’s package.json file, updating the Mocha line to this

"scripts": {
    "test": "mocha --exit"

mocha command line options

With this change, Mocha will now exit when all tests are complete, and your Bitbucket pipeline will continue to its natural end.